i cant believe oprah just changed math forever and theres nothing we can do about it

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Who did it better?

why do mediocre-looking white boys always feel the need to make everything about themselves


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Things to Keep Reminding Myself as Someone with Low Self Esteem, High Anxiety, & the Urge to Please Others


No one is entitled to your physical or emotional affection.

Denying affection does not make you a mean or bad person.

It’s not considered hurting others when you are protecting yourself and your happiness.

Those who threaten your joy or comfort do not deserve your kindness or attention.

You should never do anything that makes you feel unhappy to make others happy.

You deserve to feel safe and happy.

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police officer: you're under arrest for shooting someone in the chest

me: whoever made the rhyme did the crime(:

police officer: haha i have to give you credit for that one dude you're off the hook